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Telephones, Data and Fibre

At G.P.Green Electrical we can also provide and install telephone systems, data solutions and fibre optics to enable communications to run as smoothly as possible for your organisation.

We can advise, provide and maintain telephone switches installed by ourselves as well as taking on Maintenance for systems previously installed by others.

Although wireless networks have begun to appear, most networks cannot exist without cabling. We can advise, install, test and commission all elements of structured cabling, looking at both current needs and future expansion capabilities. We can install data networks for a small business with only a few computers to flood wiring a brand new build with thousands of data outlets.

Although Data Solutions are very effective for businesses of all sizes, length can be a limitation. Fibre Optics is used to link sites that would be too far to connect with data cabling. In recent years we have seen an increase in internet access and multimedia services. Optical fibre is the only high bandwidth, low cost, flexible medium that can universally support these applications.

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