Electrical Condition Reports

Electrical condition reports highlight any potential hazard that may occur in your workspace. Electrical equipment deteriorates with each use and it is the employer’s responsibility to carry out periodic inspections to make sure their employees are not at a risk of a possible fire or electric shock hazard.Compliance with the Wiring Regulations may be achieved by carrying out an Electrical Installation Condition Report. This is a report and not a certificate, and it provides an assessment of the in-service condition of an electrical installation compared with the requirements of the current regulations.

The five main aims of a condition report are:

  1. 1. Record the results of the inspection and testing to make sure the electrical installation is safe to be used until the next inspection (following any work needed to make it safe).
  2. 2. Find any damage and wear and tear that might affect safety, and report it.
  3. 3. Find any parts of the electrical installation that do not meet the IEE Wiring Regulations.
  4. 4. Help find anything that may cause electric shocks and high temperatures.
  5. 5. Provide an important record of the installation at the time of the inspection, and for inspection testing in the future.

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